Les nouvelles technologies


Who it’s for:

This resource is a good way to learn and revise new technology. It is a aimed at students with a good level of French. It can be studied from 12 years old students with good language skills as it is talking about a topic that they are very familiar with.

**Included : **

  • A PowerPoint presentation and a PDF version
  • A word document with the content and the correction
  • Three audio tracks with transcripts
  • A poster to complete or adapt
  • A vocabulary list for the texts and for the topic in general (Word and Excel)

The learning objectives :

  • Identify the new technology devices
  • Use the vocabulary to make sentences about their use
  • Comprehend the advantages and the disadvantages of new technology
  • Demonstrate your understanding with oral exercises
  • Assess your listening skills on the new technology and the children
  • Adapt a text and create your own to illustrate your understanding on the topic
  • Produce your own sentences about new technology

This exercise is excellent for:
(i)GCSE and GCSE students
From 12 years old with good language skills

This exercise matches all types of curricula as it is part of the “The world around us”.

Practical tips :

  • Some of the new technology exercises can be part of an assessment
  • The writing exercise can be given as a homework
  • With the vocabulary list students will be able to create more sentences using new words.
  • You can design a listening activity with the third audio track.
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