Les élections présidentielles 2022


The lesson is for students who have a good command/understanding of the French language.

I would suggest advanced students of iGCSE French, AS Level, and even A Level. I wanted students to have a clear understanding of the different parties in the French political system and to be able to talk about the upcoming elections.

Students will understand what parties are running, what their general ideologies are, and will talk or write about what they understood from them.

They will become familiar with terms used in the French administration when it comes to voting.

They will read and be assessed on their understanding on how the vote functions in France.

Students will have the opportunity to present their ideas on politics but also in different areas. It can be an oral presentation followed by a debate between students for example.

I wanted the students to be able to prepare a monologue as this can be a topic they might want to choose for an oral examination such as the iGCSE or even AS Level.

They will have the vocabulary to do so as they will have a good understanding of all the parties.

There is a basic grammar point, further explaining the comparative and the superlative. Please be aware that there is not a full explanation on it, I just give examples of sentences for students to remember how to structure the grammar point.

Students will be able to analyse and make sentences with the statistics provided, using the grammar points: the comparative and the superlative.

The main idea for this resource is for students to understand the elections in 2022 and be able to talk about it.

The document contains 18 pages in a PDF format.

There is also a Word document called “Correction” where I write answers for two exercises.

More resources will follow on the topic as we get to this political event.

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