La nature – Environnement – Pollution


**Who it’s for :**

This little booklet is for teachers who are teaching to Year 9 to (i)GCSE level. It is good for students with good French reading and speaking skills. The topic I focused on is : Environment

**Included : **

* Short exercises about the weather and seasons, and where you live

* Writing practice for your students

* Challenging exercises with question words

* Reading comprehension with exercise

* Practice on the vocabulary about nature

* Opportunity for students to write about nature

* A vocabulary list about the topic with more than 100 words

* All they need to prepare a presentation / monologue on the topic “nature – environment pollution”

* Correction for the short exercises

The learning objectives :

* Identify the words in relation to nature and use them in speaking activities

* Produce sentences using the vocabulary accurately

* Study a French weather forecast and report the weather using the visual cues and the vocabulary list

* Adapt and create your own paragraph

* Discover new words

* Get cultural knowledge with the reading comprehension

* Combine information to get a monologue or a writing assignment.

This ressource is excellent for:

(i)GCSE and GCSE students with high abilities

AS Level

Ab Initio

Language B


This exercise matches all types of curricula, for (i)GCSE, it is “The natural world, the environment, the climate and the weather” , which is in “Area C : The world around us” for Y10.

Practical tips :

The last question can also be a writing assignment.

Some of the worksheet can be worked independently as the vocabulary list covers all the words that students need.

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